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Jean Kuhn

In the winter of 2008, I was on the phone with my sister complaining to her about how outrageously one of our relatives had behaved towards me over Christmas. After I had gone on a bit, my sister asked if I had ever read Byron Katie’s book Loving What Is. That week I took the book out of the library and something deep within in me woke up and started remembering what it already knew. Soon after, I began working with a certified facilitator which helped, since I’d had decades of really believing my thoughts.

In 2010, I attended the nine-day School for The Work as a way to deepen my inquiry practice. That winter, I began the certified facilitator program. I believed that the courses and partner work in the program would help me structure a regular practice—and they did.

Since beginning to question my mind, my experience of life has gotten richer and deeper. I am friendlier and open to everyone and patient and kind to myself. I laugh a lot.

Through this work, I have looked deeply into intimate relationships, family issues, parenting, money, chronic physical pain, and incest. I have realized that every thought can be questioned and that suffering is optional.

In my professional life I have worked as a writer and a teacher. Through The Work, I have discovered that un-writing and un-teaching also have their place in my inner world.

I offer individual sessions through Skype or on the telephone in the US. In the Philadelphia area, I can meet you in person. I am also available to work with groups and schools. I have a strong capacity for deep listening and make myself available to anyone who wants to look into their limiting beliefs.

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