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Jehrin Alexandria

Before finding The Work I was on a very disciplined spiritual path. After 19 years of focused inner work I found I had certain thoughts that continued to bother me. I would still get furious with people who “cut me off” when driving, angry at my son if he didn’t listen to me, resented my husband if he didn’t help around the house and blamed my boss for never listening. Though my life in general was much better than when I began my spiritual path, underlying feelings of unworthiness, unhappiness, resentment, anger, blame and self-hatred kept arising.

The Work gave me a way to address the stressful feelings and thoughts that came up. My life has become much more loving and kind, and my relationship with my family, friends, work and disciplines have greatly improved as a result of this simple process.

As an added bonus I now experience moments of great inner peace, self love, as well as an overall feeling of well being and safety. I have not found a situation where The Work does not work.

I have been a certified hypnotherapist and have owned my own massage and exercise business. I am a director of an arts organization as well as a teacher at a university. I do fundraising, event planning and cook with my family.

I love facilitating others in this amazing process. I invite you to inquire and free yourself too. Please feel free to call me or email me if you would like to do The Work.

United States, Washington
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