Jen Deraspe

I was living the life of my dreams. I had an amazing partner, work that I adored, and a home like a sanctuary. From the outside, I looked free and happy. Mentally, I was a prisoner, filled with self-criticism, and I projected that onto those closest to me. Incessant comparisons left me alienated and I didn’t enjoy my work like I once did. There was no lasting sense of peace.

The Work found me when I was at the brink of burnout and deep despondency. Today, when I experience familiar stressful feelings, The Work gives me my mind back. I enjoy my own company and the sweetness found in silence. I have a reference for experiencing a deeper presence in being with the one in front of me~ without hesitation or interpretation. I am thankful for a way out of the pain of separation when I continue to judge myself and others as either below or above me.

The Work has helped me to find love, acceptance and dissipating fear during the process of a challenging divorce. Questioning my painful beliefs around money continues to open me to a sense of abundance from an inner bank account I had never fully tapped. Clearing my mind from some of its imbedded judgments has opened me to a creativity and confidence in the flow of life. I often have no attachment to stories about the future and find myself very open to the way of it without trying to control it, plan it or know anything about it. Yet, I find myself being created moment to moment as life unfolds in a way that feels inspired, open and enlivened.

I enjoy working with people one on one, be it by phone or in person, especially those interested in waking up from the places where their asleepness or nightmare is dampening their spirit and zest for life. I have tenderness for those that struggle with addiction, be it with food, thought, or any other substance that leads to persistent seeking for comfort externally.

I have created a powerful holistic personal training and wellness coaching program that touches upon every aspect of mind~body~spirit fitness. Through inquiring into painful stories about others, circumstances and life, I am guiding clients to see that as their mind clears, the body will follow in healthy choices. Self-care becomes not a feat of will power but a “happening”, with ease, flow and intelligence. It is truly a privilege to witness this! This can be done by phone and I also travel, joining you in your space for either a 3 day or 6 day residential intensive or you can come to Maine at our green retreat center for weekly sessions or a self-designed intensive of your own.

I offer private sessions, individualized retreats, weekend workshops, and customized immersions in your location or mine—learn more at my website http://www.ntnretreats.com/holistic-coaching/ or contact me directly.

Maine, United States
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