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Jen Deraspe

I found The Work in 2006 and since that time it has helped me to find love, acceptance, and greater fearlessness during challenging relationship issues. I am more quickly and easily able to see my part in the suffering  as well as a clear path back to connection.

I often have no attachment to stories about the future and find myself very open to Life, without trying to control it, change it, or even know anything about it. I find myself being created as life unfolds in a way that feels inspired, open, and enlivened.

I enjoy working with people individually, with couples, families and small groups. Civility, peace and human-kindness is what we are beyond our stories. As Katie says, “suffering is optional”, and I believe that with every cell of my being.

I have tenderness for those that struggle with addiction, be it to their negative thinking patterns, exercise, food, relationship or other substances that lead to persistent seeking for comfort externally.

Meet by phone, Skype, Zoom or in person in the Portland, Maine area. I also travel, joining you in your space for a customized residential intensive.

I offer private sessions, individualized retreats, weekend workshops, and customized immersions. My favorite space to share The Work in is by canoe, surrounded by nature’s beauty. In addition, I share other healing arts modalities, such as yoga, qi gong and guided meditation.

Reach out for a free consultation.

Maine, USA
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