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Judith Pfeiffer

Nothing has moved me as deeply as The Work of Byron Katie. I spent years trying to get out of this mind that ran in circles and drove me crazy at times. The Work is the shortest way I know to find clarity and the way back into my heart. There is no area in my life that The Work has not affected beautifully. As a classical pianist, I used to struggle with performance anxiety. Now, whenever I have a performance, I identify and question the stressful thoughts that create tightness and nervousness. By questioning those, I’m more relaxed, lighthearted, and get to enjoy the performance!

Before I found The Work, I was very grateful for all the good things in my life—and resentful toward people and situations that I thought should be different: the father of my children and my sister, for example. I dreaded to be in the same room with my ex and didn’t communicate with my sister for a year. With each thought questioned, my whole perception of the moment and of the people involved changed: My sister and I are now closer than ever before, and I feel more connected to my ex and even comfortable having family dinners together.

The Work has also made a huge difference in my parenting. Moments of anger towards my kids have been very difficult for me. It seems as if within an instant I would turn from a kind, loving mom into a monster, and experience guilt and shame afterwards. By doing The Work, I am becoming more present, more connected, and kinder—toward them and toward myself. And whenever I notice anger or frustration now, I know that I must be under the influence of my thoughts. I would love to share my deep passion for The Work with you by answering any questions you may have—and by doing The Work with you! I offer sessions for individuals and groups, and have experience in facilitating individuals, couples, parent and child, groups of University music students, groups of elementary age children, and teacher trainings.

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Tennessee, USA
English, German
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