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Kaori Igarashi

I have spent most of my life as a seeker, searching for real happiness. In 2002, my search for “truth” led me to the UK, where I spent more than 10 years as part of the alternative living community known as the Findhorn Foundation.

During that time, I learned to meditate, but my monkey mind kept shouting in my head, telling me what I must do, what I should do. Through my spiritual practice, I learned that I should always love people and not judge them. That just caused more inner conflict as I tried to ignore and suppress my thoughts about people.

I learned about non-duality, and that “you are not your thoughts.” I could understand intellectually that believing your thoughts is the cause of suffering, but I had no idea what to do about it. Then someone told me about this woman named Byron Katie who taught a simple method to question your stressful thoughts. It was called The Work.

At the beginning, I found it difficult to fill in the Judge-Your-Neighbor worksheets. I felt like a terrible person just having those thoughts. But at the School for The Work, I met people from all over the world and discovered that we all have the same stressful thoughts. And I saw how The Work could help with every type of thoughts.

Since I started doing The Work as my daily practice, I find that I complain a lot less than I used to. It’s just too painful and boring to complain. Instead I write my complaints down on paper and do Inquiry on them. In this way my thoughts become my sweet children. They are innocent, and they all have something to teach me.

The Work has helped me connect with people while staying connected with myself. As my communication skills have improved, my relationships have softened.

I can still get annoyed, irritated, angry, disappointed, and hurt as I live my life, but there is less drama since The Work found me. I can allow those feelings their life; they can even be beautiful when I don’t resist them. Then I question the thoughts behind the feelings using the 4 questions and the turnarounds. Each time I do The Work, I find a little piece of that real happiness I used to be searching for.

I’m still a seeker, but now I seek to share this great gift of The Work. I have spent the past several years training to become a Certified Facilitator of The Work in order to make The Work more available to the people. I live in Tokyo, and I’m offering individual sessions of The Work, in person or by Skype or telephone. I also provide mini workshops to empower people through The Work.

I invite you to try The Work for yourself. My areas of speciality include financial difficulties, separation from partner, being single, illness, conflict in the workplace, living in different cultures, burn out.

English, Japanese
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