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Kathy White

It’s an amazing promise that The Work will bring you peace. Is it true there can be an end to suffering?

My journey with The Work began in 1999. It was a few short years after the stillbirth of my first child. The Work helped me to come to terms with the trauma of his death by working through many of the thoughts and beliefs I had carried with me since he died.

In those early days of The Work, there were no YouTube videos to watch, no MP3 downloads, no mainstream books published, a very rudimentary website and yet The Work had found me all the way up in the north east of Scotland in a small community called Findhorn. I subscribed to get cassettes sent to me by post which had recordings of Katie working with people and I would look forward to getting a new cassette each month to listen on my walkman.

Over the years, time and time again I have used The Work to question this “I know” mind I have. And explore and see how it constantly creates drama, creates stories, creates something out of nothing. This mind that unwittingly generates stress because of what it believes. I have experienced the freedom that comes when The Work is applied. I have seen that The Work consistently and unfailingly has led me back to peace on countless areas, topics, and situations.

I work with clients 1:1 on Skype from all over the world. I have offered workshops on money, relationships, parenting, meditation and The Work, clear communication, the body, yoga, and more. I have also brought The Work into business and helped many entrepreneurs and business people question their thoughts and become more effective in the workplace. I’m also a trained Art Psychotherapist, Yoga Teacher, and student of Advaita Vedanta.

In my life and in the lives of those I have worked with, I see the great gift of service that doing The Work brings. Not only is my own life affected, but my children, my parents, my husband, clients, and friends all have benefited whether they have done The Work or not, simply because I have benefited, I have more peace within and that radiates out to the people and lives around me.

And I’m no saint. I still get pissed off, stressed out, upset, overwhelmed, depressed, anxious, and angry. But I know how to greet myself when I’ve fallen in a hole, and find myself feeling trapped. The Work comes like a kind and gentle touch, it has given me a willingness to embrace and love what is, even those dark places, while it also offers a tool to question the validity of why I think I’m suffering.

I recently moved with my husband and two children from Scotland UK to Vancouver Island, Canada. It is my honour and my pleasure to continue serving this gift of The Work from the west coast of Canada to whoever feels they want to end suffering too.

British Columbia, Canada
+1 250.416.9916
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