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Kim Ciolfe

I am truly grateful for The Work of Bryon Katie. From the moment I was introduced in 2004, my world changed. I saw that my beliefs and stories were the cause of my suffering. The idea that people should not judge, when that is almost all we do, was conflicting with what I was doing by judging myself and others. This conflict and stress that is created when I believe this judgment should not be happening is an argument with reality.

Arguing with reality and being in other people’s business had been the greatest pain for me as it created a loneliness and emptiness as I was not available to myself.

I have found that The Work is a very simple process with clear questions that can cut to the heart of the matter. It does not mean that it is easy, and I find that it is kind, as it meets us where we are at with our evolution and growth.

The Work has allowed me to become more and more present with myself and others, alive to watch the sorties as they come to me, and a tool to help when they become stressful or upsetting.

Your Work is my Work, and I am honored to facilitate should you require a witness and support.

Canada, Ontario
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