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Korinne Akridge

Have you seen the old dog toy called The Weasel Ball?  It’s a ball with a stuffed animal attached to it, and when the ball moves, the weasel is flung all about.  This is the perfect metaphor for my relationship to my thoughts before The Work.  My thoughts were the ball, and I was the weasel, getting flung about at the whim of the thoughts that arose.

From the outside, my life looked pretty good.  I was well educated, owned a successful business, married a man who adored me, and had two amazing children.  Internally, though, I was plagued with anxiety and restlessness.

The more I accomplished, the emptier I felt.  Eventually, I found myself getting divorced, selling my business, and trying to figure out what had gone so wrong.

I tripped up on Katie at this time, and everything shifted.  By pure grace, I could hear what she was offering.  I was desperate and ready to become a groupie.  I signed up for The School for The Work, and to my surprise, I learned that it wasn’t Katie I needed, but the tool she was sharing called The Work.  The wisdom was mine, and I could finally access it myself.

I began chipping away at extremely painful and limiting beliefs about what it meant to be a good person, a good mother, a good partner, a good friend, and a good business owner.  Through Inquiry, I started to understand why I was full of resentment and unhappiness, even though I had “The Life I Wanted.”

I live today with so much gratitude.  The Work is a daily practice, and it holds me, grows me, and allows me to experience life with a much clearer and kinder mind.  Inquiry provided me some space between the thought and the attachment, the ability to identify what is true – my little weasel is (mostly) free from that ball.

Colorado, United States
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