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Lindsay Christian

In the early 2000’s I was an options trader. In 2010 I read one of my stock market teacher’s newsletters. He wrote about a Byron Katie and The Work. In his opinion she was a highly evolved person and he recommended all his top traders learn how to do The Work. I was intrigued. When I went to my first School I realized that I had been doing my version of The Work. Those 9 days in Ojai grounded me in the practice of The Work.

It was at my first School that I also realized that for as long as I could remember I had been at war with my ego. Living this way had had a negative impact on all my relationships – intimate, personal and professional. I became severely depressed as a result.

I am no longer depressed and it is a daily practice of The Work that has transformed my relationships especially the one I have with myself.

Friend of The Work – if you are looking for extra support in doing The Work – I am here for you.

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