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Marijke Tops

As a child I was always looking for answers to questions I didn’t even know. I believed life was holding secrets from me and I was determined to find out what they were. Because of this and due to traumatic events in my early youth, like sexual abuse, I grew up to be unhappy. As a teenager, I would do anything to fit in and I lost myself to sexual interactions and drugs.

Luckily, I quickly found out that the outside world wasn’t going to provide me the happiness I was so longing for. Which then followed was a long search for peace in my twenties: meditation, Ki-Aikido, Systemic Family Constellations, A Course in Miracles, Reiki, yoga, mindfulness, Biodanza, ecstatic dance, journaling, all kinds of therapies, reading/listening to Eckhart Tolle, Mooji and many more.

After finding The Work of Byron Katie in 2014, my life completely changed. By questioning my stressful thoughts I entered a new reality: I went from feeling depressed to being peaceful. Although that doesn’t mean I didn’t experience suffering anymore. After the birth of my son in 2016, I experienced a severe (postnatal) depression. I was diagnosed with fringe psychoticism. During this period, I learned to deal with terror, fear attacks, shame, and guilt. I can now say that this experience made me stronger and more humble. I gained a deep sense of trust by doing The Work — trust that everything happens for me, not to me. And most importantly, trust that I have tools to cope with whatever happens.

So, in the end, the little girl I used to be was partly right. There were secrets, questions and answers to be found. However, it wasn’t life holding them from me. It was me, and there was no need to look for universal truths. Knowing my own truth is enough. The truths I realize when I question my mind.

Until recently I lived in different countries in Africa and Asia for over 10 years. During this time I experienced feelings of being an outcast, of feeling lost in new cultures, of missing friends, family, and my home country. And again, thanks to inquiry I found peace in these situations. Now, I am determined to share my experiences with the world, since I know how to come ‘home’ through inquiry, no matter where we are (mentally and physically).

I am available for 1:1 sessions, both face-to-face and online. I offer workshops online and in-person too. I’d be thrilled to meet you!

Dutch, English
Unravel Question the mind
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