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Melissa Motz

Before I came upon The Work, I thought of meditation as an escape from the world. There was my meditation time when I was calm and peaceful and there was the rest of my life which felt scary and out of control. I would literally lay in bed each night very grateful that I made it through the day. Of course then there was always the list running in my head of what I still needed to do. My mind was so busy, it just could not relax. So my nights were spent trying to solve all the problems I could not get to during the day. I was exhausted.

I was a divorced single mom with a teenage son along the autism spectrum and a teenage daughter who was deeply troubled and self destructive. I was also running my financial planning business as the financial crisis was unfolding. I felt guilty for things I should have done better and I should have seen coming, I blamed, justified, and defended myself and others, and it was not working. The whole idea of questioning my beliefs as a form of meditation was totally foreign and new to me. I immediately saw the benefits of this new way of opening the mind called The Work.

During my process of becoming certified I have found an amazing peace and calmness. When I began I wanted to find the parts of me that were broken so I could fix them and make my life work. What I found instead is that I have grown to love and accept those parts of me and realize that it was my resistance to those parts of me that were causing my suffering. I have gone from a type A, driven, up tight, panicked, impatient woman, to someone who can wait for life to meet me on its own terms. I now have wonderful relationships with my children and my new husband. I now sleep very well through the night most nights and rarely wake up with a “to do” list running through my head. Five years ago I would never have believed this was possible. Reality has given me lots of experiences from which to facilitate The Work, including abuse, infidelity, divorce, parenting challenges, cancer, money, success, failure, infertility, adoption, abandonment, and starting over.

I am a small business owner serving my community for 30 years. My profession is that of a Certified Public Accountant.

I am so excited to be a facilitator of The Work in the world. Please do contact me to do The Work, it will be my pleasure.

Pennsylvania, United States
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