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Patrie Grace

Before discovering The Work of Byron Katie, life was an inner and outer world of darkness for me. It was a world filled with self-hatred and despair. From a very early age I believed my destiny was unhappiness and suffering, thus being convinced it was my lot in life. I wanted to die. As a teen and young adult I had experienced the death of my father, eating disorders, drug addiction, alienation from my mother, and life on the streets. Boyfriends came and went over the years and I dropped deeper into dysfunction and victimhood. Finally, at a very dark bottom in this suffering and despair, I was in a bookstore when Byron Katie’s book Loving What Is caught my eye and changed my life.

As a result of doing The Work, life quickly got better. Life continues to change and produce kindness, generosity and joy where before there was resentment, ill will and fear. I have become kinder to myself and to others. The four questions and turnarounds calmed (and continue to calm) life’s rough waters. The Work is meditation and I can now experience the delight that lives peacefully beneath the surface.

My life has moved from dread to discovery. Excitement arises when a stressful, fearful or blaming thought comes to me. I know what to do, namely The Work. Today life is so loving and simple. I write out my stressful thoughts and do The Work, answering each question for the love of truth. The Work is like following a treasure map finding the way home to my own true nature. I wake up each morning amazed. I am a woman in love with life. This is something never considered possible before The Work.

As a Certified Facilitator of The Work I make myself available to work with individuals, couples, children, families, schools, or groups. Any issue can be questioned with The Work and I work in person or by phone (Skype). It would be my heart’s desire to share this resource, The Work, with you.

Massachusetts, United States
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