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Paul Welch

When I came to The Work I had already been working on myself and leading successful trainings for many years. Nonetheless, I remember a particular afternoon a few weeks before I met Katie and The Work when I was deeply frustrated and disappointed because after all that effort and those years, my thoughts were still so stressful and seemed so convincing.

Today doing the Work is an invitation for me to “Slow down”, sit with stressful concepts and “let the answers arise”. I come to see another “story” isn’t true. This feels light. It shows me gently, what is kind in how I treat myself and others. The result is humor, happiness, and joining with a loving intelligence. The Work is freeing. I grow more spacious, quiet, and calm.

Doing The Work is a catalyst for spontaneity and learning fearlessness. It unravels misunderstanding and releases me to admit I’m “wrong”, and make amends especially to myself. Doing the “turn-arounds” reveals that I’m not bad, wrong, ugly, pathetic, unworthy or a failure. I am the opposite. And I accept I am or have been all these things also. I experience myself as innocent.

The Work is a surprise! I love where The Work takes me in Question 4: peace, presence and oneness. Giving sessions, workshops, and Meetups in The Work has a loving effect on me and on others. It also shows me what’s next to work on. I say to people interested, “The Work is meditation, kindness, and freedom to me…in the simplest terms, it is relief!!”

Some areas to work on with you from my personal experience are issues like: mother dies of cancer, father dies in suicide, issues with authority and spiritual teachers, the angst of clinging in partnership, co-dependence and love addiction, the obsessive need to be seen, get attention and approval, helping others as addiction, self absorption, comparison, vanity – I need to lose weight, fear of what other people think of me, fear of death and fear of life. I offer workshops, trainings, and facilitations on a sliding scale and can travel to work where you live to create a workshop.

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