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Paul Zavagno

In the midst of abandonment, betrayal, and career end, The Work found me. It showed me that the pain I was experiencing was not from ‘her’ or ‘them’ or ‘it’. The Work showed me how I was abandoning me, betraying myself and quitting my only true job: staying present to and grateful for what is. I have come to see that this sense of ‘isness’ is truly my only business.

Now doing The Work with myself, on the Helpline, with you and others helps me stay in my own business.

I served as an elementary school teacher and principal for over 30 years. In retirement, I occasionally serve as an educational consultant, and interim administrator. What I enjoy most is sharing The Work with others.

I am a fitness geek, enjoying running and biking. I have completed over 25 marathons and find the long slow run to be a wonderful place and time for The Work. I have a daily meditation practice.

I have experience in supporting myself and others in questioning beliefs concerning relationships, marriage, sexuality, monogamy, family, parenting, children, teenagers, addiction, anxiety, money, health, education, teaching, work, career, life in organizations, leadership, training and teaming.

I work with individuals, groups, couples and children, in person, on Skype or on the phone. I am available to explore how The Work might be useful to you or your school, team, organization or family. I offer introductions to The Work, as well as occasional classes and retreat experiences. I welcome the chance to do The Work with you on any topic. Email me to arrange a free introductory session at a mutually agreeable time.

Illinois, United States
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