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Roxann Burroughs

I’m Katie’s daughter, Roxann. I witnessed the beginning of The Work. My mother was crazy, and I was crazy. My mother is sane now, and I am too. She is a miracle. I am too.

One day I looked at my mom and I knew that the constant storm was over. She had always yelled at my brothers and me and criticized us; I used to be scared to be in the same room with her. Now she seemed completely peaceful. She would sit still for hours on the window seat or out in the desert. She was joyful and innocent, like a child, and she seemed to be filled with love. People in trouble started knocking on our door, asking her for help. She’d sit with them and ask them questions – mainly, “Is that true?” When I’d come home miserable, with a problem like “My boyfriend doesn’t love me anymore,” Mom would look at me as if she knew that wasn’t possible, and she’d ask me, “Honey, how could that be true?” as if I had just told her that we were living in China.

After years of being in and around The Work, I’m still amazed at how effective it is with every person who is willing to answer the questions. “The best facilitators are the ones who have done their work.” (Byron Katie) My life experience is my own personal work. My Work has been, and is: dyslexia, depression, divorce, drug and alcohol abuse, physical and mental abuse, parenting, parents (yes, including Byron Katie), relationships (husband, siblings, friends, family, children), the body, death, rejection, money, construction business, employees, and all thoughts of self-hate, pity, or intolerance that cause me pain and disconnection.

I love the clarity I live my life with. The questions and turnarounds allow me to parent with unwavering love and kindness. The way I parent is my greatest achievement.

If you would like to Work through your Judge-Your- Neighbor Worksheet please contact me to set up an appointment. I prefer to facilitate The Work on Skype, using Web cameras if possible, or by telephone.

California, United States
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