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Sandra Blersch

“Everything happens for you, not to you.” —Byron Katie
Sometimes this statement is really hard to understand. And The Work can help everyone to find out how it is actually true. It is my heart’s desire to share my wisdom that I have gained through The Work and offer my support to anyone who feels stuck, suffers, and/or wishes assistance to get to love and peace.

I always wanted to know what is the right and good thing for me to do in all kinds of situations, how to get what I want, what I actually require for me to feel happy, and how to be able to care for me and others. I have practiced and tested The Work thoroughly and continue to find that it helps to bring clarity in any situation I apply it to.

I am experienced working with conflicts in relationships, emotional abuse, addiction, various kinds of fears, panic attacks, business matters, money issues, bullying.

I’m a single mom with two grown-ups working in a small company as marketing, sales, and office manager with my ex-boyfriend as my boss. The latter would most likely not be possible if I didn’t have The Work in my life. I’m also offering work sessions in person and through the internet (Skype, FaceTime, Whatsapp, Facebook).

English, French, German, Spanish
sandra.blersch (stetten)
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