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Shelli Lawrence


I often felt like everybody else had the book on how to live life and I didn’t get a copy. So I went in search of it.

I’ve traveled to retreats & devoured inspirational books. I’ve immersed myself into a meditation practice. For the longest time, those things seemed to be enough.


After my mom died, nothing was the same. Every belief that I held about my family and life in general was being challenged by this new reality.

I remember having a moment of clarity, that the tools I’d practiced and relied upon weren’t enough. Something was missing.

Gratefully, I discovered The Work of Byron Katie and was captivated by the four questions. I began practicing what I was learning with fervor. I attended The School for The Work and enrolled in the Certification Program.

The first question, Is it true, hit me like a ton of bricks! I had never stopped to consider that what scared or hurt me, might stem from beliefs that may not even be true for me! This was radical and exciting. The Work works, as long as I keep answering the questions and wait for my honest answers to arise.

I would love to work with you on any stressful thought you may have. Situations I have explored rigorously include:

Empty nest syndrome, marriage, divorce, fear of financial insecurity, food and body image, health, aging, death and a general feeling of “there’s something wrong with me”.

It is my heart’s desire to support you. Connect with me for up to a 90-minute complementary session.

California, United States
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