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Sophia Wu

After achieving a high degree of success in my former business career, a voice inside of me—small in the beginning, then gaining in strength—asked, “Is this all there is?” This started my spiritual search that eventually brought me to Byron Katie’s self-inquiry process called “The Work”.

I utilized The Work to undo my most painful and suffering thoughts, having encountered many challenges such as failed marriages, health problems and bickering between my family members and me. It brought to light my own, denied and unknown tendencies that blocked me from the experience of peace, joy and love, not only for myself, but towards others as well.

Because of my own discovered truth, I am passionate to share The Work with whoever is willing to be free from suffering.

For the past years I have focused on bringing this powerful tool, The Work, to others from all walks of life. Especially in Taiwan, China and Hong Kong, for those who speak English, Mandarin or Taiwanese.

In order to serve myself in The Work, I offer it to anyone who wants to know more about it. Through doing The Work as part of my daily routine, I continuously have many insights and realizations. Therefore I am able to experience the Authentic Me.

I am grateful to be a part of this Peace Movement, and I would Love to invite you to join me in doing The Work.

當我在事業上有著亮眼的業績,擁有別人稱羨的成就,享受著事業成功所帶來的特權,以及受人肯定的同時,心底總有個聲音不時輕聲地問著:「我的人生,就是如此了嗎?」 隨著時間不斷流逝,這始終困惑我的念頭,讓我越來越急迫地想獲得解答,於是,便促使了我展開一段心靈之旅。透過好友的介紹,我開始接觸拜倫凱蒂(Byron Katie)的「功課」(The Work),這是一套講求反躬自問、省察自己潛在信念的方法,且是直接、簡單而有效的工具。透過「功課」所教授的反問步驟,很容易便能讓人清楚地意識到——是哪種潛在的信念造成我們面對事情時,內心會出現愧疚、羞恥和恐懼?而透過這套工具,不僅可以讓我們檢視造成腦袋打結的信念;同時也有機會進一步改變信念,讓自己的生活回歸愛與平和。

我的人生曾遭遇過許多挑戰,包括失敗的婚姻、健康的問題,以及與親友間關係的衝突。當我面對生活裡所出現的種種挑戰時,我持續地運用自「功課」裡所學到的方法,逐一化解曾讓我痛苦、困惑的信念或想法。 經由長時間、不間斷地操作「功課」的程序後,我清楚地意識到,自己對於已經發生的「事實」,其實是強烈地排斥,而且極力否認這實實在在曾發生的過往;對於未知的將來,亦帶著強烈的恐懼。因此,我無法感受到對自己,以及對他人該有的愛、寧靜及喜悅。




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