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Thom Herman

I had been a psychotherapist of many years when The Work found me. I was “burnt out”. It was time to experience my world in a different way. In order to allow The Work to begin working me, I had to basically allow much of my professional and personal thinking to let go of me.As I identified my stressful thoughts and wrote them down and questioned them, the world, as I thought it was, began to release. On the other side of my confusion and exhaustion was delight and energy and understanding. I do therapy and I do The Work. Mostly these days I find my therapy is the preparatory work for my clients to begin to learn and utilize The Work. There is, of course, a place for therapy. However, I find it’s like the old saying about giving a person a fish and you have fed them for the night, give a person the gift of fishing and they will eat for a lifetime.

I characterize The Work as “Life Beyond Therapy”. This is the tool I had been looking for to empower myself and individuals to not need therapy and to continue to lessen their suffering. Once they have the information they are able to be their own therapist.

After my training, I began a six year project of bringing The Work into the local prison and then more recently into the local homeless shelters. My family , friends, clients and therapists I supervise are all interested and learning the process.

The world, as I knew it prior to The Work, has let go of me. I am full of gratitude to be a part of bringing this gift to those who seek truth and freedom and peace.

When I do The Work … I do The Work. I do not mix therapy and The Work. So if you are interested in doing The Work, I’m available. I offer classes several times a year and weekend workshops when invited. I work with individuals, couples , families and businesses.

Massachusetts, United States
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