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Todd Smith

The Work invited me to find a more humble, less painful, stance in life. And, slowly, I have found myself accepting this invitation, simply because it is more comfortable.

For example, after doing The Work with Katie in the video, “I’m Not Living Up To My Full Potential,” I quit my job struggling as a nature photographer. I had been trying in vain for three years to make my business work. And, as usual, I had been trying to do it alone. But once I explored with Katie how fulfilling it could be to simply serve in any way (even at Home Depot, for example), I had no trouble letting go of the struggle of making a living as a nature photographer.

I quit working for myself, and started working for another company with the simple intention of serving in any way I could. And I learned to serve myself too by finding a job that could pay me. And when that company could no longer pay me, I quit as easily from that job as I had quit working for myself. Today, I am working for myself again. And yet I’m not. I serve as a facilitator of The Work, and yet I notice how many other things I do besides facilitation in a day, depending on where I can serve best at the time.

I also frequently now work with other facilitators as a team. And I often notice how well I am able to serve in this way, as opposed to doing everything alone. This is a gradual change that has come to me over the years of questioning my thoughts. And I’m still learning.

The same kind of change has also happened in my personal relationship with my partner. My independent nature used to keep me fighting with my relationship, making me feel trapped. I actually used to believe that the relationship was my partner’s idea, and that I was a victim of it. The Work turned my thinking around to see that I have continually chosen to be with my parter since 2002. It feels good to take responsibility for my decisions.

The Work has taken me out of victim mode. What an amazing path—to be in a relationship when doing The Work! Every little negative situation becomes a huge opportunity to meet myself, and to learn another way. I have worked through hundreds of Judge-Your-Neighbor Worksheets on my partner. Each has brought us close together. And each has shown me exactly how to grow up.

If you are interested in using the little, or big, situations in your life as opportunities to grow and learn, then I invite you to make The Work a daily practice in your life. I share my experiences doing The Work in a weekly newsletter. I am available for individual sessions of The Work. I regularly offer online classes, workshops, and retreats. And I hold a space to do The Work in just 5–10 minutes a day with a group online, called Slow-Cook Inquiry.

I look forward to meeting you, and learning how I can serve.

Vermont, United States
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