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Valli Baron

In my experience The Work offers the most direct and profound way into self realization – the essence of being, the goodness of all. Like an alchemical process turning lead into gold, it transforms any suffering into peace and happiness. I love how simple, deep, fast and effective it is. Katie and The Work came into my life in 1999 – enlightening it ever since. From deep-seated trauma to everyday issues I could experience again and again how the very problem turned into the gateway to my freedom. I started seeing clearly how involved I was in other people’s business, how much I wanted life and people to be different, how hard I was on myself with never ending self criticism. I was my own worst enemy. Through The Work I have become my own best friend. How profoundly it is working in my life is also reflected in my transformed relationship with my parents, my husband and our boys, who have grown into beautiful young men. We are having an amazing time together! The Work has become my dear companion, unfailingly guiding me back home to clarity and unconditional love, back to the aliveness of this moment – the wonder of it all, where anything is possible, where I’m always just beginning…

I specialize in fear, anxiety, trauma, depression, self judgement, parenting, birthing, dying and Living in the Now. And I am open to Working with you on anything that keeps you from being free.

My background includes Naturopathy, Massage and Breathing Therapy, Birth Assistance as Doula, as well as Hospice Work, with over 30 years of meditation and awareness practices in Zen, Buddhism, Sufism, Non-Dualism.

I am offering The Work to individuals and groups, in private sessions in person and worldwide by phone/Skype, in English and German. In deep gratitude to Katie, The Work and Life as it is.

It would be my privilege to facilitate you on this dignified path to finding your own freedom.

New Mexico, United States
English, German, Spanish
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