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Vivian Wei Zhou

I used to complain a lot. I complained about my boss, my dad, my sister, the taxi driver… basically everything around me, especially myself. I became so exhausted from being unable to stop this inner voice that it strained nearly every relationship in my life, both personally and professionally. Worst of all, it destroyed my view of myself. I had really lost my way.

One day my husband asked me to follow 4 questions on a yellow card to help him with his complaints. I still remember how shocked I was by the calm in his face after doing The Work and how I found myself laughing loudly with him for the first time in a long time. It felt like for a moment I reconnected with myself.

This was the beginning of my journey with The Work – through relationships, money, and realizing I no longer needed to “find my purpose” in life. My life is meaningful just the way it is.

Later, I did work on my father whom I always believed hated me and was the cause of all my suffering, confusion, and self-doubt. Before The Work, I would distract myself and run away from just the thought of my childhood. Later, through The Work on my dad, I could see he just wasn’t equipped to be the father I wanted – he did all he could do. I was able to see images in my head of him caring for me as if they suddenly appeared from my childhood – warm images – I became open to that childhood door again, the one that was locked for so long before, and I found my way home.

If you would like to work through your Judge-Your-Neighbor Worksheet, please contact me via Skype to set up an appointment. I can facilitate The Work on Skype or Zoom.

Shanghai, China
Chinese, English
Vivian Wei for TheWork
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