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On Keeping New Year’s Resolutions

Question: Katie, Every year I make New Years Resolutions only to break them a month later and feel bad. How can the Work help me when I break my resolutions? Is there any point to making them in the first place? Katie: Let’s say I wanted to be a kinder human being toward my children…

Haiti: Why Send Money?

Dear Katie, You say that you are contributing money to help the earthquake victims in Haiti. But aren’t you supposed to love what is? Don’t you love earthquakes? Why send money? I wouldn’t. That would be saying you don’t agree with what is. B Dearest B, My goodness! The simple answer is, “I like them…

Mutts: All for Love…

  Thank you, Patrick! See the full-sized cartoon here >>

Letter from a Soldier

Dear Katie, My name is David. I am a 25 year old man who has been in search of tranquility, serenity, peace, and surrender for the past ten years. About six months ago I really started to work on myself spiritually, I’ve been trying to become a man that does not judge others and can…

Stand with Haiti

Some people have asked if I’ve made a donation to help the survivors of the earthquake in Haiti. Yes, to Partners in Health, the organization that has been in Haiti for over 20 years.

Audio: “I Can’t Stand My Best Friend”

Listen to this audio clip: It’s a familiar story for many of us. Notice how suffering is always caused when we are believing our own stressful thoughts. And if you are feeling any stress, even the most minute amount of stress, I invite you to identify what you are believing and then to question those…

The Work in Rwanda

The landscape of Rwanda is deceptive, hiding a mass grave under beautiful green grass, for example, or abject despair just beneath a smiling face. Some of you have followed the story of Costa in Rwanda – as his family and friends have worked hard to rebuild their country. The Work that Costa is doing is…

Hans Wilhelm on “Tiger, Tiger”

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Movie Trailer: Turn It Around with Byron Katie

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A Letter from Soledad Prison

On 09-10-09, I attended Byron Katie’s workshop. The participants were asked, “What is the thing you are most ashamed of in your life?” Like many of my incarcerated peers, I found myself answering Ms. Katie’s question by stating my crime, enduring the labels associated with my crime (i.e. murderer), and the domino effects that my…

Byron Katie on Finding Kindness & Questioning Stress

Forgiveness Workshop in Ojai, California in September 2009

Katie Koans

Stephen has been collecting a few dialogues between us, which he calls “Katie koans.” I don’t know anything about the Zen tradition—or about any other spiritual tradition, for that matter—but he says that these delight him like the dialogues of the ancient Chinese Zen masters. He loves being the “straight man.” — Once, shortly after…

Tiger-Tiger, Is It True?: Four Questions to Make You Smile Again

  Tiger-Tiger, Is It True? is a story about a little tiger who thinks that his whole world is falling apart: his parents don’t love him, his friends have abandoned him, and life is unfair. But a wise turtle asks him four questions, and everything changes. He realizes that all his problems are not caused…

Letter: “The Work Changed My Life”

Dear Katie, I do not know if you will get this, but I must thank you for your book Loving What Is. I was left by my girlfriend and baby and alone in Mexico with only hate mail and lawyer papers emailed to me, and no clue as to where my now past family was.…

Thanks for Your Support

Here is a letter from a young woman who was falling into despair. Your generous donations to the Work Foundation allow me to offer her (and so many people like her) scholarships to the School for The Work and Turnaround House, and I am so very grateful for that. Hello, I am writing you because…

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