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Answers to an Interviewer

What does love mean? Peace of mind. Connectedness. How do you start your morning? Amazed and then grateful for the beauty and miracle of life as it unfolds in the moment. Who or what on the earth is inspiring you? Gratitude that comes from the energy received in giving. What makes you laugh? Everything, really.…

On Health, Sickness, and Death

On Health, Sickness, and Death Awareness is so much more exciting than a body – Byron Katie. From the book, Question Your Thinking, Change the World What are your thoughts?

The Work on Parenting

Want to talk with me during the live Parenting webcast—Wednesday, 13, 20, and 27 May at 10 a.m. PDT? Send questions: https://thework.com/event/may-2015-the-work-on-parenting. xoxo bk

On Love, Sex, and Relationships

On Love, Sex, and Relationships You can’t love anyone; you only love your story about them – Byron Katie From the book, Question Your Thinking, Change the World What are your thoughts?  

Video Games

Kind of a cool turnaround. My original thought was “EK, plays video games too much.” He’s 13 now and and the situation is his report card coming in and his grades being off and putting off doing his homework and resisting his mother and seeing many prior images of this. Everyone seems to agree, teachers,…


On Self-Realization God’s will and my  will are the same, whether I notice it or not—Byron Katie What are your thoughts? Question Your Thinking, Change the World

You Can Now Have A Tiger – Tiger T

Send us pictures of the adorable children in your lives wearing the Tiger-Tiger T-Shirt so we can feature them! #theworkintheworld           This classic tee is a great fit for babies, toddles and youth. This classic cotton tee from American Apparel is digitally printed with Tiger-Tiger on the front. Tiger-Tiger is the…

Prison of The Mind

I listen to BK now daily. I’ve been to therapy for years, after which I have studied on my own to help myself break the cycles of depression I find myself in. No one, in all my studies of 50 years, has “broken it down” as simply as Byron Katie does. Each time I complete…

Work and Money

My son lost a really big record contract, and he called me and said, ‘mom, I ‘m so excited. I lost a wonderful contract, and I’m so excited to see what’s going to come that’s better than that!” – Byron Katie From the book, Question Your Thoughts, Change the World What are your thoughts?

Byron Katie on Work and Money

On Work and Money If everyone knew to do The Work, there would be no unemployment. How could there be any unemployment since there is only one job; to know yourself? -Byron Katie What are your thoughts? Question Your Thinking, Change the World

Free Your Mind

Free Your Mind with The Work Byron Katie used to suffer from severe depression with recurring thoughts of suicide, until one February morning in 1986 when she suddenly woke up to her true nature — a state of complete joy and happiness. From this new-found bliss she discovered a process that had the potential to…

Byron Katie on Parents and Children

On Parents and Children My children tell me what they want all the time. And I just hear them. What does that have to do with me? They’re just expressing their wants. Those wants are their property. I have mine, and they have theirs. When they give me their wants can I just listen, without…

School For The Work Testimonial

From The School for The Work participant: “So I was doing the work with my partner yesterday and I had a funny realization. Essentially we had done the same worksheet. In mine I was the one pissed (someone was feeding my kid junk) and in his someone was pissed at him (he was accused of feeding…

We have the power…

We have the power to be happy under all circumstances — Byron Katie Are you happy now? www.thework.com

Thought Thursday

On Parents and Children Ultimately you don’t have any control over your children. You don’t have any control over anything. When you think you should and you see that you don’t, the effect is depression.   – Byron Katie   What are your thoughts?   Question You Thinking, Change the World

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