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The Work on Violence

Thought Thursday

On Health, Sickness and Death Bodies are as innocent as trees or flowers or breath. -Byron Katie   What are your thoughts?

Testimonial Tuesdays

The School of Byron Katie: of course, I didn’t want to go by L.R, LCSW I dragged my feet on going to The School.  I had already done it all (or so I thought): Jungian analysis, spiritual seeking worldwide, attendance at the birth of the new age at Esalen in the ’70’s, endless variety of…

Thought Thursday

On Parents and Children “My parents are responsible for my belief systems and my problems”—is it true? No, I’m the one who’s responsible. Knowing this gives us what we always wanted: absolute control. And with this technology of going inside, it’s the end of suffering, if we want to be free. -Byron Katie What are…

All I Have…

Thought Thursday

On Work and Money The job you do out there in the apparent world is secondary. It’s only a place for you to judge, inquire, and know yourself. Your true job is to appreciate what is; your primary profession is to be clear. What are your thoughts?

A Photo That Came From Institute for The Work

At our most recent event, Institute for The Work of Byron Katie. 

Thought Thursday

On Health, Sickness and Death “The body is never our problem. Our problem is always a thought that we innocently believe. The Work deals with out thinking, not with the object that we think we’re addicted to. There is no such thing as an addiction to an object; there is only an attachment to the…

Unwrap Your Thoughts, Day 12—Gift of Emotions

The twelfth gift for you during “Unwrap Your Thoughts. 12 days in presents (oops, presence).” What are you thinking about the people around you? Share in the comments below. In this moment, aren’t you all that you need?

Unshakeable Inner Peace, A Brief Description of How The Work Works

Many people in many traditions have spoken about a state of continuous and unshakable inner peace, in which the mind delights in everything that happens. Byron Katie calls this “loving what is.” It is the mind’s natural state. Through the self-inquiry of The Work, people can return to it as often as they wish, and…

Diamond Sutra, Chapter 2

Then the monk Subhuti, who was in the midst of the assembly, stood up, bared his right shoulder, kneeled on his right knee, clasped his hands together in reverence, and addressed the Buddha: “How exquisitely considerate you are, Sir! You are always concerned about the welfare of your disciples, and you are generous with your…

Experiences with The Work

Here is another response to the extended questionnaire I sent to Certified Facilitators.   Dear Katie, It took me a while to put this together little by little in the past few weeks. Just writing all this down has had a tremendous positive impact on me and I am not sure some of the stuff…

Kids Doing The Work

Blows my mind!  They’re 14.

Unwrap Your Thoughts, Day 11—In The Dream

The eleventh gift for you during “Unwrap Your Thoughts. 12 days in presents (oops, presence).” When you are the believer in the dream, are you convinced? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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