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There is Nothing…

There is nothing so dark that we cannot put it on paper, question it, and set ourselves free— Byron Katie

Work and Money

Byron Katie on Work and Money My son lost a really big record contract, and he called me and said, “Mom, I’m so excited. I lost a wonderful contract, and I’m so excited to see what’s going to come that’s better than that!” — Byron Katie   What are your thoughts?

Parents and Children

On Parents and Children: Your family is an echo of your own past beliefs – Byron Katie From the book, Question Your Thinking, Change the World What are your thoughts?  

Don’t make an effort…

Don’t make and effort to love the world. Love your internal world. And the world will be different—Byron Katie Can you tap in?

New DVDs

In this intimate session between a man and a woman, we see the struggles of two people in love. Watch Jason honestly express his anger and frustration, and watch Ellie hear him without judgment. Witness as Jason questions his mind and discovers, to his amazement, that she is the mirror of his thinking. His discoveries…

Love, Sex, and Relationships

On Love, Sex and Relationships: “The worst loss you’ve ever experienced is the greatest gift you can have” —Byron Katie From the book, Question Your Thinking, Change the World What are your thoughts?

Photos of The Work in Education

The Work of Byron Katie being used with children.

Why am I am angry at him for doing what I am laughing at you for doing?

From a School participant: “I was doing The Work with my partner yesterday, and I had a funny realization. Essentially we did the same Worksheet. In mine, I was the one who was angry (someone was feeding my kid junk) and in his, someone was angry at him (he was accused of feeding a kid…

The Work in Latvia

Dearest Katie, The first web event in Riga, Latvia, happened on Feb. 28th. This is the start of Riga’s The Work Center and preparation for the workshop in May, 2015. Margarita Liepina is the coordinator and the organizer (in the picture). With gratitude and much love, Bella Dr. Bella Kit

The Fourth Question

When I was about 20 years old, I felt myself being pulled to your book. I brought it with me on my holiday to Turkey, and when I read about the 4th question—”Who would you be without that thought?” —something exploded in my mind. I had never ever thought of that question, and it opened…

The Ultimate…

“The ultimate defense? Don’t defend.” —Byron Katie Feel the stillness? More peace. Judge-Your-Neighbor Worksheet

Byron Katie on Self-Realization

Self- Realization: You don’t experience anxiety unless you’ve attached to a thought that isn’t true for you. It’s that simple. You don’t ever feel anxiety until you believe that a thought is true—and it’s not. Byron Katie From the book, Question Your Thinking, Change the World What are your thoughts?

The Work in Business, Conflict Resolution from the Inside Out

Dear Katie, I am sending a link to an article I wrote recently about facilitating The Work with business leaders. It has been a privilege to facilitate The Work in business and leadership development for the past eight years or so and see my clients enlighten themselves (and me!) with amazingly helpful discoveries through inquiry.…

The Work Down Under

Dearest Katie, Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for joining us yesterday at The Work Down Under Intensive. It was such a gift and came as a complete surprise to the participants. They were thrilled 🙂 It was perfect. We so appreciate your generosity in staying with us for an extra fifteen minutes!…

Thank You for The Work

I listen to BK now daily. I’ve been to therapy for years, after which I have studied on my own to help myself break the cycles of depression I find myself in. No one, in all my studies of 50 years, has “broken it down” as simply as Katie does. Each time I complete a…

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