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Health Sickness, and Death

Health Sickness, and Death When you’re asleep, does your body hurt? When you’re in the worst pain and the phone rings and it’s the call you’ve been waiting for and you’re mentally focused on the phone call, there’s no pain. If you change your thinking, you change the pain – Byron Katie Judge- Your-Neighbor Worksheet

Delighting in Criticism

Delighting in Criticism I’ve come to see that there is no such thing as criticism, there are only observations. And there is no observation that does not enlighten me, if my mind is open to it. What could anyone say to me that I couldn’t agree with? If someone tells me I’m a terrible person,…

Letter: Losing a Child.

Dear Katie I know you are very busy and lots of people are asking something of you. I am writing to you, because ‘something terrible has happened’ – the 6 year old girl of a friend of mine had what is called a freak accident, and she died yesterday. I am very touched by her…

Bad News — You Have Cancer

A doctor once took a sample of my blood and came back to me with a long face. He said he was bringing bad news; he was very sorry, but I had cancer. Bad news? I couldn’t help laughing. When I looked at him, I saw that he was quite taken aback. Not everyone understands…

Photos from 2016 ITW Worldwide Convention

Join Byron Katie and your ITW family from around the world for this wonderful opportunity. Connect with trainers, Certified Facilitators, and candidates; witness, learn, and collaborate. Here are some photo’s from January 2016 convention. Join us for the January 2017 Convention here.

Thought Thursday on Love, Sex, and Relationships

Byron Katie on Love, Sex, and Relationships Marry yourself and you have married us. We are you. That’s the cosmic joke. Byron Katie What are your thoughts?

Photos from 2015-2016 New Year’s Mental Cleanse

The New Year’s Mental Cleanse is a rare and wonderful opportunity to spend four days immersed in the power of The Work. Join Byron Katie as she does The Work all day long with participants from all over the world. Katie’s deep insight and humor, her total accessibility, and her untiring commitment to your freedom…

Photos from Russia

The Work in Russia Dearest Katie, First day of The Work immersion in Moscow. Look at these beautiful faces! So much gratitude to you for sharing the gift of The Work. So many amazing stories… Love, Olga

Health, Sickness, and Death

Byron Katie on Health, Sickness, and Death Every story is about body-identification. Without a story, there’s no body. Byron Katie What are your thoughts?

Katieisms, Illustrated

Photos from The Thinking Project

Photo’s from The thinking Project: A note from Rachel Pickett: These photos were taken during a teacher training workshop in October, 2015. The Thinking Project has been partnering with STEM Launch K-8, an urban public school in Thornton, Colorado, with the goals of helping kids to identify and question thoughts that cause stress, think and…

There’s Nothing More…

There’s nothing more exciting than peace. Byron Katie

Photos from Israel

A testimony from Lily in Israel: I first arrived at The School for The Work because I am an artist and a therapist and I was longing to free myself from the fear of the pain caused by fear. Meeting Katie and the encounter with The Work changed my life! I went to The School…

Video: I Could Have Done It Differently

  Carmella from Atlanta lost her temper with close friends and made them leave her home. She asks, “How do I get over this without forgiveness and without any accountability from them?” Byron Katie says, “I can be accountable for my part; that’s all that I can do.  What I am thinking and believing is…

Photos from Kuwait

Osrati, the oldest magazine in Kuwait, and one of the oldest in the Gulf region, has published an excerpt from the Arabic translation of Loving What Is. The article’s title is “A Rebellious New Start to Your Life, Called The Work.”

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