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A Mind at Home with Itself

My new book, A Mind at Home with Itself, will be published on September 19. (Please pre-order it at amindathomewithitself.com.) Here’s a chapter from the book. (The word “Buddha” means “the awakened one.” It’s a word for the clear mind—for me, for you, for all of us.)   Chapter 8: The Ultimate Generosity The Buddha…

If It’s Not Love…

If it’s not love, it’s fear. thework.com

If I’m Not…

If I’m not deleting myself, I’m not doing my job.  thework.com

Happy and Successful? Is It Possible? An Interview With Byron Katie.

If I asked you which you would rather have- happiness or success- what would you say and why?  And please, don’t give me what you think is the politically correct answer. Here’s an interesting thought for you to consider: what if you don’t have to choose one or the other? What if you can be…

An Interview with Sunita Sehmi

Who would you be without your story? An interview with Byron Katie, founder of The Work. Byron Katie, founder of The Work, has one job: to teach people how to end their own suffering. She has been bringing The Work to millions of people for more than twenty-five years. Her six books include the bestselling…

What It Means To Awaken

“I think Byron Katie is just a real thing. I love her to death. She’s pure and her intent is only to serve and she brings people back to reality so quickly. Teaches them not to believe their limiting thoughts and to question them and find the real truth.” —Tony Robbins

When You Need….

When you need an apology, give yourself one. thework.com

I’m not grateful…

I’m not grateful for this or that. I’m grateful. thework.com

I Prefer What Is….

I am a woman without a future. I prefer what is. That is freedom – Byron Katie thework.com

When you deeply…

When you deeply appreciate and look forward to people criticizing you, you’re free. What a gift! thework.com

Generosity happens….

True generosity happens without any awareness of being generous. Byron Katie thework.com    

In Memoriam Lucie Rock

Lucie Rock, born in Montreal, Canada died on October 29 from lymphoma cancer. She was a student of The Work and was deeply engaged in turning her stressful thoughts around. She attended the School for The Work, the No-Body intensive, and a One Year Immersion program with a Certified Facilitator/Trainer. She did hundreds of Worksheets…

From a registered surgical nurse in the UK

My experience with The Work of Byron Katie started four years ago. The Work found me in a moment of my life when I was unable to get out of bed, feeling strong anxiety, and I saw nothing to hold on to. Daily practice in The Work allowed me to stand up to my analytical…

“Katie, I don’t want you to die.”

I’d like to share the journey that I had with this thought. —Sujung 1. I’m contemplating the memory of me saying “I don’t want you to die” to Katie at the Convention. That morning during The Work for Breakfast, I did The Work on “I want my hands to function properly.” The situation was that…

A Letter from Turkey

Dearest Katie, I want to write and share one of the endless internal dialogues that I have with you. As you may have heard, the situation in Turkey is rather turbulent and daily life is disturbed with a number of unfortunate incidents. I am so very grateful to you and to The Work for being…

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