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Suzannah from Egypt I feel that when I change my suffering because I feel it to be unbearable and/or wrong, I learn to embrace it and then I feel like I am sold the lie that 1) I was suffering in the first place, 2) I needed to change my suffering because suffering is bad…

The Work in Georgia

Hi dear Katie, This is Tina, the one from Georgia (the country between Russia and Turkey) who was granted a scholarship by you at the School for The Work–July 2016. First of all I would love to say thank you again for your generosity and for this transformational opportunity that has changed my life, forever……

Letter from Katie

Hello, dear, dear family of the world. I do hope that you benefit from this letter, and if those of you new to The Work hear something that seems a bit beyond (or way beyond) the ordinary perspective or usual way of thinking in regard to life, death, or anything else, that you feel the…

Video: What is the School for The Work?

The School for The Work is a nine-day experience.— the ultimate inner adventure. Unlike every other school on earth, this one isn’t for learning, —it’s for unlearning. Spend nine days losing the fear-based stories you’ve innocently clung to all your life. They might be stories like “I’m not good enough,” or “I need a partner,”…

Gratitude for The Work

I’ve been thinking of you and sitting in gratitude for all that seemed to come from my meeting you. This strong feeling arose this morning as I was speaking with my sister. She was telling me all the ways her daughter was not up to being a mother. As I listened what arose in my…

Letter from Australia

Dear Katie, I write to you with some news about the work in my school in New South Wales, Australia. I have been working as a Pastor Care worker for 9 years now in a Catholic primary school with over 600 students. The role name has been my cover and I have been using The…

A Letter from Tania Fierro

Dear Friends of The Work, Carla Gonzalez, Founder and Creative Director at Mission School in San Jose del Cabo, Mexico (www.colegiomission.edu.mx), invited my husband, Pedro, and me to support bringing The Work into their K-12th-grade school and greater community. Early in 2016, we started by offering a four-month immersion program in The Work to thirteen…

Questioning It All

Dear Beloved Katie, Listening to your webcast today, I suddenly woke up to an entire new level of enquiry that I had previously been asleep to. I have done two nine-day Schools with you, and in each one I kept looking for the point of pain, the point of suffering. Of course this still exists—I…

The Work in Russia

Dearest Katie, What a joy and privilege to be in the room with you and all the beautiful people here at Omega Institute. I want to give you the love and gratitude of many many Russian-speaking people doing The Work daily. I’m so thrilled to tell you more about the Russian-speaking School of Consultants of…

Surviving Sexual Assault

On April 29th I was attacked by five armed men with balaclavas. I was tied up, beaten, and sexually assaulted. I realized that night that I might be killed. I remembered Byron Katie’s words when she spoke of having a gun put to her belly. “If these were your last breaths, wouldn’t you want to…

Visiting Facebook and Stanford

It was a privilege and a joy to present The Work at the Stanford Business School and also within the Facebook campus.

A Letter from Katie

Hello, dears, Thank you again for your generous welcome and volunteer work that made the Zurich, Bern, Geneva, London, Paris, Vienna, Cologne, and Amsterdam events possible. Also, I was so excited to have the new French translation of Loving What Is, published in time for the tour; thank you, Benoît and Margot. I loved this…

Health, Sickness, and Death

Byron Katie on Health, Sickness, and Death As long as we believe that we’re our bodies, we don’t have to know that we are infinite, our cells without limit, like music itself, free — Byron Katie thework.com

Love, Sex, and Relationships

Byron Katie on Love, Sex, and Relationships It has been a life’s work to make our partner wrong. Then when we enter inquiry, we lose. It’s a tremendous shock. And it turns out to be grace. Winning is losing. Losing is winning. It all turns around – Byron Katie thework.com

Parents and Children

Byron Katie on Parents and Children We’re all five-year- old’s. We don’t know how to do this thing called life. We’re just learning how – Byron Katie Find more Katie quotes, here.

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